Multi-Unit Laundry Rooms

Managing the laundry room at an apartment, hotel, campground or RV facility presents its own set of challenges.
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The Basics

When it comes to laundry operations, laundromats aren’t the end of the story. Multi-unit laundry rooms are just as important to their users as a commercial laundromat and even come with the benefit of having guaranteed customers. Having a great laundry room can attract residents to your property and allow you to get rid of in-unit washers and dryers. Using a card-based or hybrid system allows you to get the most out of your laundry room and although it’s not as easy as simply outsourcing, you can get benefits from managing in-house.

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The Laundry Room is Yours

Although the multi-unit laundry room has long been the realm of the laundry route operators, taking control of your laundry room has major benefits, while remote management has made it easier than ever before for managers to keep an eye on their laundries. Taking control of your laundry also allows you to have additional sources of income like vending machines, and allow you to raise prices pennies at a time.

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Payment Systems in Your Laundry Room

Just like with commercial laundromats, card-based and digital payment is the future. Card-op payment systems allow you to have unparalleled control over your laundry room, help you get the most out of your laundry room and give you benefits that you wouldn’t otherwise have. Renters are demanding card-based and digital payment systems, and using a card-op system nets more revenue than outsourcing.

Your Laundry Room is a Marketing Asset

Even though you might think you have a set customer base, marketing is still important. Tenants always have the option to take their laundry to a commercial laundromat rather than using the laundry room, or choose another property. Marketing your room to your tenants is necessary to the success of your laundry room!

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