Top 3 Reasons to Add a Payment System to your Laundromat

March 25, 2020 | Investment

Are you thinking about adding a payment system to your laundromat? You may worry that this will be an investment without a return, or wonder how your customers will respond to the change. It’s important to be able to make an educated decision that is best for your business. Let’s take a look at the top three reasons to add a laundry card system to your store.

A Payment System can Increase the Revenue of your Laundromat

1.Build Float

When a customer loads money onto a loyalty account, it encourages them to return to your store. Float is the amount of money added to accounts, but not yet spent. As customers add more value to their cards, the ‘float’ of your business increases and contributes to a rise in your overall revenue.

2.Ability to Sell Upgrades

By offering your customers the ability to upgrade their cycles, you can offset expenses, by charging more for things like hot water and extra rinses. Upgrades like these can result in an overall increase in revenue.

3.Time of Day Pricing

With a payment system, you can charge different prices at different times of the day, or different days of the week. This allows you to offer specials during slow times to attract business and raise prices during busy periods to maximize profits.

4.Marketing Tools

With marketing programs available through a card system, you can entice new business and reach new sales goals. Loyalty Points, Bonus Packages, Free Dry Programs and Group Discounts are all loyalty programs that can be used to attract new customers, as well as incentivize existing customers to return to your store.

 A Payment System Makes Managing your Laundromat Easier

1.Simplify Employee Management

Having a payment system gives you the opportunity to remotely manage your employees. You can edit and monitor one-time and ongoing employee work schedules for multiple locations and allow employees to clock in and out for their shifts using the system.

2.Remote Monitoring of Your Laundromat

When you can’t physically be at your store, you can always access your laundromat from any remote location. You can configure vend prices and specials, run reports, configure alerts, and monitor the status of the system and equipment from your laptop or smartphone.

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 A Payment System Will Save You Time and Money

1.Make the Most of Your Time

Collecting coins from each machine in your facility is a time-consuming business and your time as an owner is valuable. As vend prices rise and stores get bigger, the physical task and limitations of accepting coins become greater, making eliminating the need for coins with a payment system a popular choice.

2.Take Control of Your Revenue

If you are paying another company to collect coins for you, that’s money out of your pocket, combined with the uncertainty of how much is actually being collected. With a card system, you can see real-time profits and sales information for each machine, allowing you to take control of your revenue.

3.Decrease Security Risks

Collecting coins and carrying around bags of money can compromise the safety of you and your employees. Your machines are more open to vandalism and theft, that can leave you with costly damage plus the loss of revenue until those machines are repaired. With a card system, you can minimize or eliminate these risks.

If you’re ready to increase your revenue, simplify store management and save time and money, the next step is finding out what payment system is right for your store.

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